Foxbrim Hyaluronic serum is one of a successfully tried and tested vitamin c serum for getting rid of Malesma post-inflammatory skin damage, to fade skin hyperpigmentation caused by aging spots, acne breakouts, Malesma or sun damaged skin.

So, if you were not aware of what Foxbrim hyaluronic acid serum is, now you know that it is an effective anti-aging serum that helps to enrich your skin with vitamins, hydrates your skin, induces skin healing and makes it look softer and plumps up the dermis so you can look younger.

Along with few other Vitamin c serum brands, Foxbrim hyaluronic acid serum has a lot of ingredients that are both natural and organic in nature that help your skin to retain moisture and give you the smoothest skin. It can also be used around the neck area.

The serum also works well in getting rid of dark spots, wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. This serum does not use any ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. It does not use silicones, fillers, parabens, or any additives. This serum uses natural vegan ingredients.

Who should use Foxbrim hyaluronic serum products?

All skincare products with hyaluronic acid or vitamin c  can be used by people of all skin types depending on what you want to achieve after the use of it.

For example, if your skin is dull and aging and you want a serum that will help you in removing the dull and aging look, using Foxbrim hyaluronic serum is a very good way to help in making your skin look younger and giving it a good healthy glow since the serum has some properties that help to remove the wrinkles, diminish visible crepey and age-related necklines on the skin.

Most of the best vitamin c serum brands are also used by anyone who wants to plump up their skin since it has hydrating properties. The serum also helps to tighten and make the skin from. The serum has many ingredients that really help in hydration.

Most skin types suffer from uneven skin tones, so, If you have been wondering how to whiten intimate areas like the inner thighs and buttocks fast,  fighting such dark spots, sun spots, or severe acne breakout requires Foxbrim vitamin c which also works very well.

You can also use the Foxbrim skin toner before finishing with the hyaluronic acid serum to reduce wrinkles and creases off the skin. When it comes to the skin, the hyaluronic serum can be used on all skin types and skin tones.

How should I use the Foxbrim hyaluronic acid serum?

Using Foxbrim serum is very easy. The serum can be applied one to two times a day according to your skincare routine. You can apply makeup or any moisturizer after applying this serum but that all depends on your skin care routine.

The first thing that you need to do before applying this serum is to make sure that your face is clean and dry before you use it. Personally, I like the idea of using the best skin toner for your skin type. And there are plenty of skin toners paired with excellent hyaluronic serum options available here on Amazon. 

After cleaning and drying your skin, take a few drops of the serum and then apply it to your skin. Then massage the serum into the skin gently. Also make sure that you apply the serum to the neck area too.  You can stop once the serum is fully absorbed into your skin and this doesn’t take very long.  After that you can use a moisturizer if you use one.


This hyaluronic acid serum will help in giving you smooth skin. The serum works really well by locking moisture into your skin thereby ensuring that your skin is never dry. This serum also has anti-aging and healing properties making your skin look beautiful and younger. It will help in removing wrinkles and creases from your skin.

The serum also works in helping your skin to absorb water and can therefore be used with a moisturizer. This will also ensure tat you have fresh looking skin at all times.

With hyaluronic acid serum, you can easily avoid skin discoloration since it protects your skin from UVB rays. The serum also ensures that the texture of your skin is good.



This serum comes in a 30ml bottle and includes a drop dispenser. The ingredients include a solution of:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Organic aloe Vera
  • Witch hazel
  • MSM
  • Green tea

The product does not use any animal products for its ingredients. It does not include parabens and silicones either.

Benefits of the main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid helps in hydrating the skin. The hyaluronic acid is also present in the skin but as we grow its amount lowers and hence the skin starts to age. This will make your skin texture dry and make it lose its glow.

This acid is very good and is included in most skincare products. The hyaluronic acid is a very good absorber and can hold a lot of water. The acid is also very good as it helps in plumping up the skin, it also helps in reducing wrinkles and creases. This works really well to give your skin a younger look with a very beautiful complexion.

Vitamin C in the ingredients of the serum helps to prevent your skin from aging. With vitamin c your skin is also protected from damage caused by the sun.  when your skin is exposed to the sun a lot you may notice some discoloration and sunspots.

Vitamin c can help in removing these discolorations and spots. This is because vitamin C is an oxidant.  Another benefit of vitamin c is that it helps to make your skin look fresh and younger as it helps in repairing skin cells.

Vitamin E is also an oxidant and it also helps in hydrating your skin and moisturizing it. The nutrient also helps to repair cells. It further protects the skin from damage by UV light. This makes your complexion look better.

MSM ingredient is an oxidant that helps in absorption and hydration. It is made of sulfur and ensures that it can penetrate the skin deep and easily. This is very important in repairing cells. It also reduces occurrence of skin diseases like acne, and eczema.  The ingredient also helps to give you a smooth and brighter complexion by reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Aloe Vera has antioxidants as well as vitamin a and c in it. Aloe Vera is used in hydrating the skin and also to repair cells. It also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and heal sunburns due to its anti-inflammatory property.

Witch hazel is used to prevent the skin from becoming irritated. It also helps reverse damages made on the skin.  Witch hazel also helps in reducing inflammation and acne.

Jojoba Oil helps in making your skin to continue looking young and youthful. The oil has waxy esters that prevent your skin from looking rough and dry.

Green tea is an oxidant. This ingredient is also there to help in reversing any damage caused on the skin by free radicals such as UV rays. These can result in damaging your skin cells and causing many spots such as sun spots, age spots and causing your skin to age. Green tea is there to reverse the damage caused.


Some Features and details of hyaluronic acid serum

  • It includes Natural and organic anti-aging properties: These help in healing the skin, removing creases, wrinkles and making your skin smoother and younger.
  • It Hydrates and brightens the skin: Helps in giving you a moisturized skin, that is smooth and good in complexion.
  • Features Natural vegan formula: It uses natural ingredients that do not cause harm and damage to your skin.

What to look for in order to get the best facial serum

To get the best results possible for your skin, you need to know what to look for in the serum type and brand you want to include in your skincare routine. So, what should you be looking for in the best facial serum?

Hydrating properties

Is your skin dry and fecking? If it is,  look for hydrating serums to use on your skin or face. Luckily, the majority of hyaluronic serums like Foxbrim hyaluronic acid serum have a skin hydrating effect so the main thing that you need to consider is if they contain any hydrating properties or not and how much they can help in skin hydration.

Products that have hydrating properties help in making your skin smoother and soft. They prevent your skin from becoming rough and dry. They also ensure that your skin is moist at all times, therefore, giving it a fresher look.

Ingredients uses

When it comes to choosing the serum based on ingredients, you need to make sure that the ingredients included in the product do nor cause damage to your skin. You need to be sure if the ingredients included are organic or non-organic.  Some ingredients such as silicones, other additives, parabens may cause damage to your skin. Therefore, choose serums with ingredients that do not cause damage.

Anti-aging properties

Serums that have this property help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and creases on the skin. Therefore, if you want your skin to keep looking younger choose products with this kind of property.

Protection against damage

Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best serum, is if the serum includes any healing properties and antiinflammatory properties. Most serums that contain vitamin C and vitamin E are very good at cell repairing. In comparison, peptides serum by Eva and Foxbrim serum they both are helpful in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots that may be caused by sun burns or aging. You may also choose serums that have ingredients that will help prevent discolorations caused by UV rays.

Consider your skin Type And Sensitivity

You should know how sensitive your skin is. For example, if your skin is oily sensitive then you should go for products used on such skin types. On the same thing you also need to consider how heavy the serum feels on your skin. You don’t want to wear the serum and only rub it off after a few minutes because it feels very heavy on your face.

Use of the serum

Another thing to look at is why you need the serum; do you need it to plump up your skin? Or to reduce aging? Do you need it to prevent skin discoloration? All this will help you determine what kind of serum you need and help you to find the best serum.


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