Ways To Remove Lipsense Without Drying Out Your Lips

Lipsense is one of the long-lasting and moisturizing lip gross colors you can apply as part of your daily beauty routine. The challenge for most people using Lipsense is how to remove it effectively without drying out your lips. So, how do you remove Lipsense at the end of the day? Listed below are the best steps that will help you get rid of the lipgloss layers without stripping off the essential lip moisturizing feel you get after using Lipsense all day.

  • Apply Vaseline or any other lip balm to your lips. This will help you remove Lipsense without making it hard for the product in your hair and lashes to come off.
  • Apply coconut oil to your lips. This will help soften the lip gloss while being removed and you can use it for a nourishing effect on your skin afterward.
  • Use lip balm. The market is flush with brands of skin-nurturing lip balms that effectively remove Lipsense off your lips. When you are ready, apply the lip balm generously then gently use your finger this time in circular motions around your mouth until all of the Lipsense colors break down, leaving a milky mushy color which you can remove the excess by rubbing your lips over a dampened tissue.
  • Soak a cotton round with Oops remover. Oops lipgloss color remover helps to break down the Lipsense when applied and rubbed on top of each layer of the Lipsense lipgloss until they disappear.

Once all of your Lipsense is gone, I recommend using a small dash of olive oil mixed with natural almond milk on your dry lips to replenish the moisture levels you had before removing the Lipsense. The application of olive oil and almond milk helps the lips to smooth out and your next Lipsense color glossing lipstick will last longer.

You can also use them after you remove them for an extra nourishing effect – just rinse off with warm water or spit into the sink rather than licking, which will make your lips dry out.

What is LipSense oops remover?

When applying Lipsense lip color, mistakes and mishaps are an expected normal thing to happen. This is why Lipsense oops remover was specifically formulated to help anyone easily remove Lipsense and apply again the Lipsense lip color without looking like Joker.

In a nutshell, Lipsense oops remover is a specially formulated lip color remover that breaks down lip gloss colors, so you can easily wipe off Lipsense when you make a mistake or at the end of the day.

You need oops Lipsense lip color remover if:

You made a mistake with Lipsense lip color and want to simply cover it up or remove the whole thing.

Though most Lipsense lip color glossing is widely used by many, the challenge for users is how to remove it effectively, without leaving your lips chapped, but also not so bad that they bleed.

And using specially formulated lip color removers like Lipsense oops remover is the best way to keep your lips from getting chapped.

Use Eye Makeup Remover To Remover Lipsense Lip Color

Eye makeup remover is also another effective Lipsense lip color gloss remover.

If you are looking for how to remove Lipsense lip color, and don’t want to go through the hassle of finding something specific like oops remover or a special glossing makeup remover.

A solution may be as close as your bathroom cabinet with an eye makeup removing product.

Here’s how to remove Lipsense with eye makeup remover:

  • Apply a small amount of the eye makeup remover on your lips using a makeup applicator to dab the eye makeup remover where you need it the most and rub it gently. This will break down the lip color over time.
  • Rinse off any residue using water or an oil-based cleanser like coconut oil, face wash or facial scrub can also be used.
  • Repeat the process until all of your Lipsense has been removed from your lips and then apply a lip balm to replenish moisture for when you need it most.
  • You’ll want to be sure that following these steps will not dry out or irritate the skin around your mouth, which can lead to breakouts in these areas as most acne-prone skin types often break out in this area.

Use Chapstick To Remove Lipsense Lip Color Gloss Makeup

Chapstick, a topical lip balm widely used to repair chapped and dry lips is also an effective Lipsense lip color remover. This way of removing Lipsense is also an easy and quick solution. Simply apply a coat of Chapstick to your lips and rub over the lip color in circular motions while it melts for about one minute, then wipe off with a tissue or cotton ball.

While the removal of Lipsense lip color is filled with unusual hacks, facts still remain that most of these unconventional lip color removals are tried and tested by savvy beauty enthusiasts. They are accessible, effective, and easy to use for anyone who is looking for better ways to remove Lipsense lip color without drying out lips.

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