What Colors Look Good On Pale Skin: Best Colors For Pale Skin Undertones 2023


Colors that look good on pale skin include emerald green, navy and bold shades of blue, deep purple, ruby red, mustard yellow, dull orange, berry colors such as strawberry or deep red, raspberry pink, boysenberry and neutral colors such as pale beige and bolder shades of purple

As pale skin types with pink undertones are naturally warm, vibrant, and welcoming, few select colors look good with those pale and pink undertones.

 Typically, emerald green, navy, and bold shades of blue look good on pale skin with pink undertones. For peach to yellow and golden pale skin undertones, leverage your warm undertones and sallow skin by wearing colors that complement your skin tone. And emerald green, navy, or the type of bold shades of blue you need to look good.

 Cool undertones include pink and bluish hues. If you have a neutral undertone, this means that your undertones are roughly the same color as your actual skin tone.

What colors look good on pale skin with cool undertones

Pale skin with cool undertones are believed to be at the very end of color spectrums. So, if you want to identify the best colors for cool skin tones, you will experiment with other color palettes to finetune what works better with your cool skin undertones. 

Generally, pale skin with cool undertones looks good with colors like emeralds, deep purples, lavender, pink, ice blue, and bright blues. 

To sassy things out, you want to incorporate a warmer color into your outfit, and you can use extremely pale yellows, rose reds, and rubies. While the focus is on your pale skin with cool undertones, your hair colors also play a role. 

Those of you with dark brunette hair and pale skin use hair colors to turn those dark hair colors to light ash brown and chestnut shades, making your pale skin with cool undertones pop out. These colors have cool undertones that won’t look too harsh and can instantly help brighten up your skin.

Colors to avoid: If your skin is pale or fair, some colors will not go well with your skin, and such colors need to be avoided. You may have to avoid bright colors or soft shades of colors because these will only make your skin brighter.

You may also have to avoid neutral colors. So, avoid going for neutral colors such as white, stone, light beige, or other neutral colors. Instead, choose rich colors, including camel, sand, slate grey, khaki, navy blue, and so on. You can still wear neutral colors, however, make sure always to mix them with darker colors. 

You should avoid picking colors that are very similar to your skin tone, as such colors will not bring any life to your complexion.

Colors that need to be avoided include yellow, orange, all soft colors, and pastel shades. If you are wearing such colors make sure to remember mixing them up with other rich shades.

How to find the right colors for your skin tone?

There are some ways that you can use in order to find the colors that best suit your skin. The following are some of the ways you can use them. 


You need to know the relationship between the colors you choose and your natural skin tone. First, start by looking at the natural contrast in your face. 

If you have high contrast coloring, that is to say, if your hair has a dark color and your skin is pale. You should play up the features instead of balancing them up. 

You can go for dark colors such as rich navy and pair it up with a white top or button. This will help you look good by maintaining the high contrast. You may have to stay away from cream colors or off whites, instead of crisp white will make you look smarter. It will also not wash out your skin.  

For those with medium contrast, that is to say, the skin is not pale, but the hair is darker than your skin. Such people can look good in a lot of shades. They can look well in neutral-toned colors and other warm colors such as pine green and warm blue. 

Bright colors should only be added alongside darker shades such as through a tie or a pocket square. If you have such a skin tone, you need to avoid colors like stark white and icy blue. Instead, go for colors that give your complexion some warmth. 

Those with low contrast, that is to say, those that do not really have any differentiation on their hair and skin color, have some colors that wash you out.

 Therefore, you need to go for bold colors. Such colors will help to give your complexion some contrast. You should avoid pastel colors because they do not have deep hues; hence will easily wash you out. 

Skin tone

The skin tone plays an important role in the kind of colors that you wear. You first need to know what your skin tone is when choosing colors. 

If your skin is considered to be fair or light. There are some categories that you can fit in. Fair and light-skinned people usually have light-colored eyes, the hair can be very dark, red, or very blonde. They are also burnt by the sun and not tanned. 

When it comes to the colors that you pick for your skin tone, go for the ones that will contrast your skin instead of those that will look similar to your skin. The colors that contrast your skin add color and some life to your complexion, making everything look good. 

If you have such skin, some colors that would look great on you include green, lilac, sapphire, ruby, royal blue, grey and dark brown. You may want to avoid colors like orange and yellow. 

Medium skin tone

Those that have medium skin tone, may have a warm or a cool undertone. Differentiating the two undertones can be difficult. For medium skin tones, the hair is usually ash blonde, brown, or even darker. The eyes can be dark green, warm brown, or hazel. 

Depending on the kind of clothes that you wear, your eyes might also change. If this is the category you are in, it is best to go for neutral colors in the middle of the color spectrum. You would look great in colors like shade green, soft rose, peach, jade, gray, blue, off-white, and taupe. You may want to avoid colors like bright yellow, bright red, and some neon colors.

Olive skin 

The undertone can be warm, golden, yellow and sometimes olive green for people with olive skin. Most people with olive skin will have their skin go brown under the sun. The hair color can be dark blonde to dark blonde. 

The eyes are usually brown. This kind of skin tone looks good with many colors. You can look okay in shades that are bright or those that are darker. These help to add some contrast to your skin. 

Colors that look good on this skin type include red, golden yellow, warm green, moss green, purple, chocolate brown, magenta, blue, turquoise, creamy whites and red. Avoid colors like cold blue, yellow or soft green. This is because some of these colors are very similar to your complexion and will not add any contrast to it.

Dark skin

Dark skin is the kind of skin that has a brown undertone. People with this type of skin usually have brown to dark brown hair. The eyes can be in the range of green to dark brown. The color of the skin works well with a lot of shades and hues of colors. The best thing about this skin is that some clothes do not wash it out as compared to pale skin tones. 

The best colors for this kind of skin include white and other light colors. Coors such as pink, purple, yellow, orange, cobalt blue, and other bright colors look very good on such skin types. You may have to avoid colors such as navy, brown and black colors. Such colors will not really contrast your skin. 

Where should you start? 

Knowing the colors that suit your skin is very important and will help you improve your wardrobe’s look. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to avoid colors that loom very close to your skin tone because they will not contrast well with your skin. 

If you want to expand the colors you can wear, you should try out different shades of the same kind of color and then choose the color that looks best. Experimenting with these colors can be very helpful. 

You need to know that each skin color has the one colors that look good on it. It also has some colors that do not look great on it. Therefore, it’s all about knowing the colors that you need to pair it up with. 

This guide helps you know more about the colors that suit pale skin type best as well as those that need to be avoided.

What color shades should I choose?

Color is very important as it can easily change your mood as well as those around you. There are a lot of shades of colors and because of this you need to know the right shade that suits your skin best. 

You will find hundreds of shades of red, including wine red, dusty red, orange-red, pinky-red and so on. It’s the same case for other colors like blue or green. Your undertone helps to determine the level of color contrast that can look best on you. 

When selecting the colors for your skin, you don’t need to focus on what colors you can wear and what colors you cannot. Instead, you should select a color that flatters your coloring more. 


Pale skin tones look great with colors that add some contrast to their skin, it is recommended to go for colors that are not similar to your skin tone to avoid being washed out. We hope this article helped you with what colors you can wear on pale skin. 

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