What Hair Color Does Best With Olive Skin Tone?

The fascinating natural green pigment that includes a variety of neutral undertones distinguishes olive skin from the rest. Olive skin may be cold, warm, or a unique mix of the two. Dark hair and deep, earthy colors like plum and mahogany colors typically pair well with olive skin. This isn’t to say that you need to remain in this range. You can still try out light or brighter shades like blond, pink, and grey to create a striking look. But, what hair colors does olive skin do well with?

As a general rule, people with olive skin do better with red and deep penetrating hair colors. Naturally, olive skin toned individuals have undertones of red in their hair, which can be enhanced by dyeing your hair an appropriate shade of red. Darker shades typically work better for olive skin because they’ll create a more contrast against the lightness of lighter shades. 

Olive-skinned people should avoid colors that are too blue, such as platinum blonde. They should stay away from non natural hues of color, which will emphasize any dullness in their skin tone. Instead they should stick with warmer tones like dark brown or light brown for a more subtle glow.

These colors do not accentuate the sallow nature of olive skin tones and exaggerate the depth of colors in their eyes and lips rather than the flatness most olive skinned people would need injections to combat. Instead these colors compliment with warm undertones that give an alluring glow to potentially lackluster features without overpowering them or drawing attention away from them – a perfect combination!

The right hair color for olive skin can be hard to find. Hair coloring rules aren’t as complicated as you would think, and they’re all based on the same proposition: your skin is in control.  When it comes to finding the perfect hair color for olive skin, the most important factor to consider is your skin, especially your complexion. 

However, you need to know that there is no best color for olive skin. Suitable hair color depends on the shade of olive skin tone that you have. Some of the best colors for olive skin tone include brown, black, beige platinum, silvery blonde, chestnut, and more. 

If you have olive skin, you are probably aware that it has a gray, yellow, or golden tinge to it. The fact that you tan easily, that your natural hair color is probably to be dark, and that you almost always, though not always, have brown eyes to match. 

However, having one skin does not mean that you can wear any hair color. Certain hair colors will look very well with olive skin while some hair colors will not look great. Therefore, the main goal is to ensure that you go for a hair color that compliments your skin best. 

 Some hair colors that go very well with olive skin tone are brown and chestnut. However, the hair color you choose will depend on your shade of olive skin tone. It’s important to note that olive skin, as with skin, comes in all different tones of cool to warm undertones.

 The best hair color for olive skin is one that highlights and complements the undertones. Pairing warm hair colors with warm undertones and cool hair colors with cool undertones is the general rule. You can build a wide range of beautiful looks. 

This can be done by combining warm olive skin with hair colors that are warm and cool olive skin with some cool hair colors. Once you know whether you have warm or cool olive undertones, finding the best hair colors for your skin will be easy. If you are cool olive-skinned, you may see some violet, ivory, or silver in your skin tone. Hints of gold or some red are found in those with warm olive skin. 

Warm Color Undertones

This hair color goes best with those that have warm undertones. This time goes well with warm golden hair color. You need to remember that the cool shades are not the perfect match if you have a warm skin tone. If your olive skin tone is in the medium brown range, cool ash brown will not be suitable for the skin as this may make you appear to be washed out. You can also opt for darker colors, however, you should go for chestnut rich mahogany. You should avoid violating dark browns or blue-based blacks or browns.

Cool Color Undertones

Cool olives complement ashier browns even better, and you can go way dark without fear of overwhelming your complexion. To enhance your natural cool. You can go for blue-black hair colors. An ash brown shade is also very good for cool olive skin.

Dark cinnamons and copper also look very good with cool olives skin times as they look great with their undertones and complement the skin very well. Purple res is a good hair color for cool olives. On the other hand, warm olives look good in light copper, corals and golden red. 

Hair Colors That Look Great With Olive Skin Tone

Ash Brown: This shade of brown looks very well with olive skin tones. Avoid getting a hair color that is two times lighter than your skin tone. 

Red: Medium red hair is also a great choice for olive skin tones. An auburn shade looks very good. 

Bold Black: one of the perfect choices for olive skin is black hair. This also looks very good with blue undertones.

Is Blonde Hair Good For Olive Skin Tone? 

The thought of going blonde makes many olive-skinned women shudder. When done softly, it can be very striking. Platinum or light blonde hair should be avoided by people with warm love skin tones because it can make them seem sallow. With this skin tone, golden and honey blondes look stunning. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all hair color for olive skin. Start small and stay close to your natural hair color if it’s your first time trying new colors on your hair. 

How To Choose The Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing the perfect custom hair color for you, these two factors must be taken into account: 1. Your skin tone; 2. Hair color undertones that are best for you. When it comes to deciding on the right hair color, your skin tone plays a big role in determining which shade is best for you. Since your hair is so close to your face, choosing the right color will cause your face to shine and make you appear much youthful.

Identifying Your Skin Tone: You can find your skin tone by examining your wrists or tops of your hands to discover your complexion’s undertones. Do you see any blue and purple veins? Your skin tone is cool if this is the case. However, if you notice some veins that seem to be greenish, it means that your skin undertone is warm. If you see both blue and purple veins then your skin is neutral. 

Choosing a Hair Color That’s Right for You: Select a hair color shade that will highlight all of your best features now that you’ve decided your skin’s undertones. Choose a hair color that contrasts with the undertones of your skin. This will help to highlight your skin tone. Autumn and summer are the two seasons that have warm skin tones. Winter and spring skin tones are two types of cool skin tones.

The following are the characteristics that you can use to know which category of warm or cool skin tone you belong to. 

Cool Skin Tones Characteristics

Winter: You have a fairer complexion. Whatever race you are, you have fair skin. Your skin has pink undertones to it, Your Skin Color: You don’t tan easily, do you? You were likely born with black or darker hair. There may be a stark difference between your eyes, hair, and face. Colors that do well with this skin tone include blue or violet-based colors, jet black, white, black, dark brown, and platinum blonde. You may want to avoid colors such as caramel, copper red, and golden blonde. 

Spring: If you have this skin tone. Your skin is fair and has yellow or pink undertones. Your eye colors are usually lighter and flexible. They can be light blue, green, gold brown, hazel, and more. People with this skin can tan easily when it’s winter but only in summer or autumn. Colors that you may want to avoid include blue, violet, platinum blonde, icy blonde, ashy brown, or ashy blonde. You may want to avoid colors that have golden brown, honey blonde, and orange base. 

Warm Skin Tones Characteristics

Autumn: people with those skin tones have eye colors like hazel green, golden brown, and gold flecks. This skin tone glows, the hair color can be rich and dark brown. Tanning is very easy for this skin and most people here have an olive skin tone. Colors that lol great include those that have an orange base or red undertones such as copper, rich auburn, golden brown, beige blonde, chocolate brown, and golden blonde. Colors to be avoided include ash brown and platinum blonde. 

Summer: People with this skin tone have olive skin and golden skin. The skin is bronzed and rich. People with this skin tone tan very easily. Eye colors can range from hazel to any color. Coors suitable for this skin tone includes rich golden blonde, toffee, honey platinum, and other honey colors. Anything that has a yellow or orange base is also a good match.  The colors to avoid include ashy colors such as ash blonde and ash brown. Blue and green-based colors should also be avoided. 


Olive skin is different from the rest of the skin tones due to its natural green undertone. Finding the best hair color for olive skin tone can be a very challenging task. However, the hair color that suits your skin more depends on your skin undertones. Some of the best hair colors for this skin type include black, chestnut, platinum, brown and even blonde. It can also look great with other brighter shades such as pink and grey. 

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