What Is The Best Body Lotion For Over 50?

What Is The Best Body Lotion For Over 50?

As we age, especially when we reach our 50s, the skin loses a lot of elastin and collagen, which are mineral fibers that keep the skin intact. 

On top of that, the skin losses a lot of essential oils. As a result, your skin is more dry and prone to wrinkles as well as deep lines.

As such, you need the best body lotion possible to maximize the hydration on your skin while boosting the production of collagen to keep your skin wrinkle-free. But, which one is the best body lotion for those who are over 50 years of age? 

Here’s a quick list of the best over 50s body lotion you can trust to tighten your skin, improve the glow and feel of your tired and dehydrated skin today:

  1. Best Buitifying Lotion: AHAVA Mineral Body lotion (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  2. Best Lightweight Body Lotion: Reclaim with Argireline – Ultra Cultured Cream (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  3. The Best Age-Defying Day & Night Cream: Maryann Organics Collagen Cream(See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  4. Best For Combination Skin: Amlactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Rapid Relief Restoring Lotion (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  5. Best on a Budget: Curél Fragrance-Free Comforting Moisturizer (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  6. Best Dehydrating Cream: Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Body and Hand Lotion with Vitamin B5 (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  7. Best For Skin rejuvenating: Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion  (See glowing reviews On Amazon)
  8. Best Value: Cerave Moisturizing Lotion(See glowing reviews On Amazon)

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion.

The number 1 product for aging skin is this moisturizing lotion from CeraVe. Having high levels of glycerin (an effective ingredient in hydration), the CeraVe moisturizing lotion is, by far, the most recommended product. 

When you are aging, your skin naturally loses its protecting barrier along with essential oils that are meant to keep the skin plump, which brings the need to have a moisturizer that will replace the oils that have been stripped off.  

Also, this lotion comes with ceramides, which are helpful in replenishing the skin’s natural protecting barrier, thereby locking the moisture on your skin. 

To ensure that you get that extra hydration, the hyaluronic acid in this formula will ensure that your skin’s moisture will be restored. Hyaluronic acid is an incredibly effective humectant, which means it has the ability to attract hydration to the skin’s surface but also retain that moisture, as well.” 

The CeraVe cream’s thick texture feels cool to the touch, immediately soothing irritated skin upon application. On top of all that, this product comes at an affordable price, which will be a suitable choice when you are on a budget. 

Nécessaire The Body Lotion.

Second, to the CeraVe moisturizing lotion, we have the Necessaire the body lotion, which is another great product. 

In case you aren’t familiar with the Necessaire brand, It is one of the most popular brand that focuses on making skincare products, especially those that take a more natural approach (in terms of the ingredients). 

One thing that users like about this lotion is that it doesn’t contain harmful, toxic or any ingredients that are, otherwise, considered to be unsafe. 

Because of this, this lotion won’t irritate some skin types, which makes it an ideal product for all skin types. 

Also, this is a lightweight formula, so it won’t clog your pores after you apply it. This property allows it to sink into the skin very fast, which means it brings faster skin results than most moisturizers. This is the product I would recommend for people with moderately dry skin.  

Avène XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cream.

Once you hit your 50s, your skin is prone to becoming extremely dry, which can very easily trigger wrinkles or fine lines. Besides this, your skin will most likely crack and break if you are hesitant about rehydrating it- because in the dry skin game, time is very crucial. 

This Avène XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cream comes with vitamin E as well as ceramides, which work on giving the skin some antioxidants benefits and strengthening its protecting barrier. 

When you have extremely dry skin, you need a moisturizer that is thick- a cream known to be thicker than most lotions. 

While it is geared towards very dry skin, the Avène XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cream is a fragrance-free formula, meaning that you can use this product on the most sentitive skin, wihout any irritations. 

Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion.

Next up, we have the Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion, which has been the town talk since it was manufactured. 

If you have acne-prone skin, you will need to have a product that will sit very well on your face, without clogging your pores. As luck would have it, the Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion is the only moisturizer you will ever need.  

If you aren’t a bit fan of a thick cream on your super-dry skin, I think you will enjoy the Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion, which is thinner than a lot of other formulas for extreme dryness but promises to lock in moisture for up to 48 hours. 

In terms of the ingredients, this product is enriched with lactic acid, ceramides and hyaluronic acid), which go a long way to help keep the skin hydrated and well-shielded.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream.

Vanicream is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. This moisturizing cream is a great way to keep your skin hydrated as well as free of acne-causing bacteria. 

One factor that makes it very popular is the fact that it doesn’t contain any fragrances, which automatically makes it suitable for all skin types, from the soothing dry skin, all the way to the most sensitive skin

If you have overly sensitive skin or don’t have the time to figure it out, then this is probably a good go-to product. Thousands of positive reviews back it up. 

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin, Soothing Lotion With Colloidal Oatmeal.

To all those that have Eczema, here is the product that will work wonders on your skin. If you don’t know what eczema is, it can be defined as a condition characterized by irritated, chronically itchy skin. 

Generally, eczema is very hard to treat, especially when you just aren’t using the right treatment (and by treatments, I’m referring to skincare products). 

Older people are more prone to eczema than younger ones, mainly because as you age, your skin naturally loses a lot of oils, making it dry and of course, very sensitive. 

Eczema patients should consult with their dermatologist about any prescription products they may use

This is one product that your dermatologist will probably recommend because it has oatmeal (which is known to be really helpful to people with eczema because it helps calm irritation, and it really is very long-lasting), it is enriched with ceramides which will strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, and the Aveeno Eczema 

Therapy is fragrance-free, which makes it ideal for all skin types. 

On top of that, the Aveeno moisturizing contains high glycerin levels, an ingredient which really knows how to pull in water from the lower layers of your skin to the surface, but it’s not greasy. Also, this is the cheapest product on our list, which will work for you if you are on a budget. 

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Soothing Relief Eczema Cream With Colloidal Oatmeal.

Next up, we have the eczema cream from La Roche. This product was formulated to treat eczema as well as other related diseases. 

It is also not only overall great cream for calming inflammation that typically happens with dry skin, especially aging skin in this case. 

One of the ingredients that make this a great product is a Colloidal Oatmeal, which goes a long way to enrich your skin with the right amount of hydration and soothing sensation. 

Jergens Extra Healing Dry Skin Moisturizer.

Jergens extra healing moisturizer is best for anyone seeking for a drugstore over the counter body lotion, suitable for all-season. A body lotion that tackles normal to mildly dry skin and won’t break the bank, this is the moisturizer that I would recommend to you. 

This body lotion from Jergens (a brand we all know and love) gives you a light feeling when you are applying it. Once customer actually describes the texture of this lotion as “feeling like water.” 

This enables it to be absorbed into the skin pores very quickly compared to most creams that will sit on your skin for a while. 

For as little as $6, you can buy this wonder-working skin moisturizer and introduce it you’re your skin care regimen. It comes in a larger 21-ounce container, aimed at famileis looking for bottles lotions that lasts for as long as needed — likely at least until it’s time to switch to your heavier creams.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

Cetaphil is a brand that we love, trust and will always cherish. In our 9th place, Cetaphil has brought this moisturizing in store for us. 

Where a lotion with an exfoliant is needed to help scrub away rough patches while also moisturizing, this lotion does not disapoint. This cream by Cetaphil is the one that I would recommend to you. 

It comes with lactic acid, an exfoliating agent known for being very gentle on the skin. 

Besides the lactic acid, it is formulated with almond oil which works to lock the moisture on your skin, to keep overly dry skin moisturized and plump. 

On top of that, it also contains propylene glycol, a preservative that was added to ensure that our product does not go bad, but for you it is very safe. 

No7 HydraLuminous Overnight Recovery Gel Cream.

The last product that made it on our list is the No7 HydraLuminous overnight gel cream. This is the ultimate product to use in your 50s.

As we said earlier, when we are aging, our skin loses its natural oils, along with elastic and collagen, which leaves the skin feeling dry, patchy, and wrinkled. 

As such, you would need a product that will stimulate the production of more collagen in your dermis. If you are looking for a body lotion that offers anti-aging benefits, look no further than this suitor from No7. For best results, its best that you make sure that you have a skincare routine that promotes regular use, preferably twice daily, (once in the morning and again in the evening). 


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